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The program that we offer works along the same principle as acupuncture but of course we don't use needles so there is no piercing of the skin. We use a low level laser (also called a cold or therapeutic laser) to stimulate the acupuncture points rather than piercing the skin with needles. The laser that we use is a medical laser, not a surgical laser so there is no heat or pain. We apply the laser to various points on the body (meridian points) and ears (auricular points). This helps to stimulate your own body's abilities for controlled eating and weight loss.

The areas of the body that we work on are the ears, arms, wrist, hand, lower leg, ankle, and feet. There is no discomfort and no disrobing. We just ask that you wear loose fitting slacks or shorts so that we can have access to the knee area and also loose fitting or short sleeves so that we can have access to the upper arm area.

The stimulation of certain points helps us to reduce your appetite usually about 30% - 50%. We also help to stimulate your metabolism and get that working better for you. We also do points to help take away the cravings for sweets like sugar, chocolate, breads, etc., the things you shouldn't be eating while trying to lose weight.

By doing these points we balance your bodies energy or CHI so that you won't eat out of emotions but only when you are really hungry. We will also ask that you try to do some form of exercise and of course eat properly. If you follow a diet or exercise program the laser with enhance or amplify your results.

Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you.