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International Laser Therapy has helped thousands of people over the years. Here are just a few of the testimonials from people who were helped using the Laser treatment.

Smoking & Weight Loss Success:

"I smoked for over 50 years. Never thought I could stop. I am so proud of myself. Thank you for the laser. It really works."
M. M.

"It was incredibly relaxing and it worked - I haven't smoked in three years."
Vida M.

"This was easier than I thought it would be."
Connie P.

"Prior to trying International Laser Therapy, I had been a pack a day smoker or smoking 20 cigarettes each day. I smoked cigarettes all my adult life. Amazingly, after my treatment I have been smoke free for two months! And I feel great. Not only am I proud of myself but my family, co-workers and friends are extremely proud of me."
Terri M.

"I've done acupuncture, hypnotism... nothing helped until this."
Clark C.

"I was a smoker for 26 years, smoking almost a pack a day or 20 cigarettes per day. I have tried all different ways to quit with no success. I thought I would be a smoker for life until I was given the opportunity to try the laser therapy program. After my treatment, it was as if I was never a smoker. I had no cravings or side effects. I am very proud to say that I am a non-smoker and have been for 6 months now."
Angie P.

"I've never looked back."
Annie W.

I've lost 12 inches total from my waist, bust and tummy in 2 months I'm down 3 sizes. The treatment is so easy and relaxing.