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Many studies have shown that smoking is not only detrimental to the health of the smoker but also to the health of the loved ones that breathe the second hand smoke. Health benefits alone are enough to encourage a person to stop smoking.

Of course, there are financial benefits of not smoking. Many health and life insurance companies now charge higher premiums for smokers. Then there is the cost of cigarettes alone. Assuming the rate of $4.00 per pack, a one pack a day habit costs $1,440 per year, a two pack a day habit costs $2,880 per year, and a three pack a day habit costs $4,320 per year.

Now is the time to start reaping the benefits of becoming a non-smoker.

The Power of Laser Therapy
Laser therapy is entirely safe and pain-free. A soft laser beam, applied to specific energy points of your body, stimulates the body’s production of endorphins. These are the natural body chemicals that have a calming, relaxing effect. When you stop smoking, it is primarily the sudden drop in endorphin levels that leads to withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings. Laser therapy will help relieve you of these cravings as well as helping with stress reduction and lung detoxification. The treatment gives you a natural high with a sense of wellbeing, thereby greatly reducing the temptation to take another cigarette. As a result thousands of people have stopped smoking thanks to laser therapy. Pilot studies, funded by the NHS, indicate that it is statistically by far the most effective method of stopping smoking.

Of course, even if relieved of the physical cravings of withdrawal from nicotine, many ex smokers will initially be tempted to smoke on certain occasions because they find them stressful or simply because they associate certain activities with smoking a cigarette for example first thing in the morning, in the car. After meals , break time at work or just with other smokers around.
Counseling is to help with this more mental side of the addiction. International Laser Program provides advice on helping you adjust to being a non-smoker. We will help you deal with the emotional, physical and psychological aspects of stopping smoking. There is 24 hr hotline available for support.